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SO i just realized i forgot my own tag for fanfictions.

I fixed it though, and now you can find my four newest fics under /tagged/fic !

Anonymous asked:
Full selfie?

do you mean like this?

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Anonymous asked:
Aww you're so cute! How old are you? Your cheeks are adorable !!! (Lol I'm treating you like a kid when you're probably older than me)

i’m 19! yea i got chub cheeks lol i never outgrew them

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Anonymous asked:
You're so pretty, I love your curly hair it's adorable. Why have you deprived us of this??!

YOU’RE SO NICE thank u ahhh :)

mrs-heiwajimas asked:
I emailed you for writing advice a looong time ago (I had a different URL) but I logged onto that email for the first time in forever and had a fresh email from you from about a month ago...I'm assuming it was spam because it sent me to a video by Doctor Oz (a green bean coffee review) It made me laugh and reminded me to go check your blog and I'm super glad because you're off hiatus! You were the first rivetra writer I ever read and I'm super glad you're still with the ship after all this time!

OH GOD i wonder how many ppl are getting spam from that email account…..i should probably delete it but i have so many things attached to it. i had no idea it was sending spam, my apologies!!

& yes i remember you! & i’m very glad to still be with the ship as well. i hope you’re well and i’m sorry i was such a bad beta lol

paledthoughts asked:
YOURE OFF HIATUS YAYYY IM SO EXCITED :DD also, you're very pretty!

Thank you and thank you! I’m pretty excited too

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songtofly replied to your photo: “Here are some pics of me i guessssss”:
this is fake i know this girl im gonna tell her ur a selfie thief banana im so disappointed in u :///

pls dont tell ana i stole her selfies :((((

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Here are some pics of me i guessssss

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Anonymous asked:
u pretty + ur sweg writing style yo, so glad you're out of hiatus


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Anonymous asked:
The one whose writing exceeds other writers but never gets off of hiatus.

i don’t see “hiatus” anywhere on my blog, anymore…:)

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pumpkinmuffins replied to your post: “two quick things 1) someone not liking something you made is not…”:
wow should i be popping off or what

lmaO well

Anonymous asked:
we need to go to rehab! rivetra is killing us deep inside!

& i said no, no, no

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sandianyisi replied to your post: “what if i posted some selfies”:
like real banana selfies or those fake gorgeous girl selfies

my real face be quiet!!

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what if i posted some selfies

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